Sunday, June 23, 2019

Live or Die: survival MOD APK 0.1.406 - Survival game 2019

It's the aftermath of an apocalyptic event that left a few survivors to fend for themselves in an unfriendly and savage Earth, and You are one of them! Get the modded Live or Die survival APK v0.1.406 now and survive!

The virus outbreak wiped out almost the entire population leaving behind nothing but dead wasteland where each survivor is forced to fight for survival against zombies. The biological weapon killed billions and turned others into dead zombies. This game is a lot like Last day On Earth.

Protocols for all survivors to follow:
- Rely on yourself or die! Evolve your building, crafting, in using armor and weapon, in killing dead zombies... Evolve, craft, build, explore, gather resources – learn to survive or die!
- As you evolve in Live or Die survival apk mod, you unlock more blueprints for crafting new weapon and armor. Find what suits your survival best – punch, cut, pierce, smash, shoot, set on fire, or blow zombies up!
- Start building your shelter as soon as possible! Building walls and upgrading them, building traps, crafting unpickable locks – all is helpful to protect you from the dead zombies.
- Explore and scavenge the dead wasteland for resources vital to your survival against the zombies!
- Immerse yourself in this dead wasteland of the apocalypse, complete quests and get unique rewards. Make everything and anything to survive!

More info: Google Play
Requires Android 4.4 and up

Download Live or Die survival 0.1.406 MOD APK:

- Infinite Coins
- Infinite Energy
- Infinite Points
- Infinite Resurrection Drones
- Level 100 - Not hungry
- Much money
(+) infinite

MOD: You can craft items, even if you do not have the necessary resources;
Infinite gold, energy and exploration points;
1000 level;
The character does not go hungry and does not want to drink.

MOD1 APK + OBB | Mirror link

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