Monday, January 29, 2018

Updater for Spotify 1.05 (Dogfood) + Extreme Quality

Get notified of and update Spotify Mod easily with Spotify Updater by DOG FOOD. This small app will notify you and lets you download the latest modified version of the greatest music streaming service.

Now you won't have to keep checking if there's an update and you won't have to keep downloading the app from websites with tons of ads. This Updater for Spotify directly lets you download the apk onto your phone without you having to go on any website to download.

When a mod update is released, the Updater will push a notification with an "Install Now" button, then the update will start automatically as soon as you press it. Then, you just need to click the notification to install it and listen to your music instantly.

(Dogfood) Updater for Spotify 1.05 + Extreme Quality

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