Thursday, January 11, 2018

GMD GestureControl ROOT APK 10.1.9

Turn your Android into a gesture-controlled machine and make your mobile life easier with GMD Gesture Control premium pro. The app lets you control your device (even latest Android 8.1) with MULTITOUCH and MULTITASK gestures similar to iPad for a brand new productive experience.

If you're looking for a version without Root, then you'll be disappointed because the app requires access to the system. If you find some site promising to have a No Root version, then it's a scam and probably malware.

GMD GestureControl ROOT features:
- Multitouch
- Multitask - start any application, shortcut or custom action without leaving current application
- Custom actions - LaunchPad, Start application, Previous Application, Next application, Home, Kill current application, Back, Forward, Recent application list, Recent application dialog, Menu, Notification Panel, Hide/Show status bar, Start launcher shortcut(bookmark, contacts, settings, etc), Start Tasker task, Pause gestures, Exit, Screen Off (lock), Alt+Tab, Music Play/Next/Previous, Volume, Search, Voice Search, Select Input Method.
- Swipe 4 fingers right - open previous application
- Swipe 4 fingers left - open next application
- Expand 4 fingers - LaunchPad (dialog with your applications, shortcuts and custom actions)
- Pinch 4 fingers - Home gesture
- Swipe 3 fingers down - Back gesture
- Swipe 3 fingers up - Bottom recent applications bar
- Swipe 4 fingers up - Hide/Show status bar (experimental)
- Custom gestures - create your own gestures to start any application, shortcut or custom action

More info: Google Play
Requires Android 4.0 and up

GMD GestureControl ROOT 10.1.9-release APK

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