Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Help Kyrsten get back home after she finds herself stranded in a weird isometric world. Outside World will test your puzzle solving skills as you try to reach the end of each level to escape this reality. Aided on your journey by Jaynie the ghost, you must travel through the strange environments to get the girl home.

Most Android screen recorders out there require root access to function, and those that do not have very limited functionality. ADV Screen Recorder Pro (full version) by ByteRev works without root, and will record your screen easily with basic video editing and no clutter or excessive menus.

This is the full pro version of the SkEye Astronomy app by Harshad RJ

Exercise your brain and raise your IQ with Paridae's Math Challenge Android app (no ads ppro version). This brain workout game is perfect for kids of all ages and adults who want to train their math skills from scratch as well. It's a great educational resource for your children to better their mental mathematical abilities.