Saturday, February 4, 2017

Are you brave enough to save the lost souls of the children that SlenderMan took years ago? find out now in SlenderMan Origins 3 (Full paid version), the latest installment in the series by BIGZUR, the develper who brought this dark entity to your mobile devices.

The Slender Man is back in one of the most satisfying horror adventures ever. SlenderMan Origins 2 will take you through some of the darkest places in search of your kidnapped daughter. Explore dungeons, catacombs and ancient ruins, solve puzzles, and follow the story to find that terrifying entity called SlenderMan.

Get your farmer mind on to succeed in Kairosoft's latest simulation. 8-Bit Farm (hack included) is a farming management game where you get to grow a small farm into greatness. You will need to get livestock, grow various plants, expand your lands, hire staff, and prepare your fields for agritourism.

Play as Leonardo and assemble heroes to defeat evil in the unlimited free upgrades hack of Ninja Turtles: Legends. The evil Kraang is planning on terraforming our planet into Dimension X with the help of his mutant army, now it's up to you to gather warriors to stop his apocalyptic plans, and save the earth and your fellow Ninja Turtle brothers.

The official mobile game based on Passengers, Columbia Pictures 2016's blockbuster film, is now available for free download onto your Android. Developed by Hero Digital Entertainment, the game is a mystery-filled multithreaded narrative that tasks players with finding the truth about Starship Avalon.

Use your puzzle solving skills to kill and overcome deadly traps and enemies as you journey with our little brave female hero Haha