Friday, February 3, 2017

Shelly Alon just released his latest hacker-themed shoot 'em up game to the Play Store and it looks just awesome. Glitchskier is a game where players hack the computer to progress through the randomly-generated levels, shooting enemies, fighting epic bosses, and trying to beat the system itself.

Coffee Stain Studios are back with yet another goat simulation game to make you piss your pants laughing. MMO Simulator is a hilarious rpg game that lets you control an insanely fun goat as it runs through different environments doing all kinds of nutty stuff.

Cook unbelievably mouth-watering dishes and take your restaurant business to the next level in this unlimited gold money, and gems hack for Cooking Fever

Pixelbite' Xenowerk is about clearing an underground laboratory from hordes of mutated creatures. Players, armed with heavy weapons and armor, must travel through all 70 levels of the game shooting down everything that moves. You'll be moving in the dark, so get over your fears and kill or get eaten!