Friday, January 27, 2017

You're stranded in a strange dark world and trying to find your way out by means of a phone and bunch of number strings. That's what Strange Telephone by Yuta is about, it's a 2D point n' click pixel art game with weird phone numbers that can generate worlds.

Duel other players in real-time in this brand new Pokémon Duel game. The hack we provide is for Android devices only so have fun guys. As to the game, it's a strategy where you fight AI opponents or players from around the world in a board-like manner using Pokemon figurines.

Does Trump being president make you lose your mind, then here is your chance for therapy. Punch The Trump is a fun fighting game where you get to punch, slap, and use all kinds of combos on the guy. The implemented hack will give you unlimited money, with no ads, so you can beat him up with all kinds of weapons without restrictions!