Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Choose your character (gunslinger, or mage) and shoot your way through waves of demons in Hunters Gate by Climax Studios, a virtual rality (VR) shooter unlike anything you've played so far. Buy it on Google Play or free download on Apktron, then blast the demon hordes and their world!

Take control of Valiant and his mythical gun Angelheart and fight Gold Smoke and his gang of outlaws in this brand new Virtual Reality adventure by Big Red Button Entertainment

This brand new point n click adventure by Big Fish Games thrusts players in a war that has been raging for centuries. In Echoes Wolf Healer (Full version), you will play as Mia of the Healers tribe and must battle the evil Warriors to save your clan by completing very challenging hidden object scenes!

Play as agent Walker and adventure through a time of great wars in search of an ancient artifact that, if in the wrong hands, can destroy the world!

Get ready for a totally relaxing ride through the unbelievably charming world of Botanicula (latest version). Players are tasked with safely transporting a seed through, mainly, see-through damaged tree branches, solving various puzzles along the way.

Transform your Android homescreen into a realistic koi fish water pond and interact with the beautiful creatures in Water Garden Live Wallpaper (full version unlocked)

Play the original game from Sinsiroad about making potions and getting rich!