Monday, October 2, 2017

eWeather HD with Weather alerts APK 7.5.0

Stay ahead of the weather and any climate or seismic changes with eWeather HD pro (NO license or Activation Code required)

eWeather HD Weather, Air quality, Alerts, Radar has two weather providers (Foreca and US weather), future radar (based on NOAA radar and Google maps), hurricane tracks, earthquakes and weather alerts, geomagnetic storms and air quality, tides and buoys, hail and tornado probability...  plus an advanced “Weather Clock”

The app also features real time Air quality and pollution, Hurricane tracking, Tornado probability, 365 days weather archive, Tides forecast, Weather buoys info, Barometer with headache indicator, Radar widget on OpenStreetMap, Earthquakes widget, Weather Alerts from NOAA, Precipitation info, METAR from weather station , and many many more..

Latest version updated on January, 2018 and features many addition and optimizations!

More info: Google Play
Requires Android 2.2 and up

eWeather HD 7.5.0 APK (Patched)

Note: NO Activation Code required, NO Google License check
Activation code if you need it for the trial app: 54236 or 54237

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