Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WolframAlpha APK - 2019

Meet the most advanced calculator in the world and witness its computational power firsthand right on your Android. Wolfram Alpha 2019 (full version 1.4.5) can be best described as a computational knowledge engine for everything. It can answer almost any question thanks to its huge store of algorithms and data spanning thousands of educational fields.

The app has been developed by Stephen Wolfram over 25 years and is now "considered" the first super computer in the world. It can compute questions related to Math, Statistics, Chemistry, Engineering, Music, Health, Food, and thousands more.

With Wolfram|Alpha, you get instant free expert knowledge and quick advanced computation. It will generate easy-to-read reports for you to use on the spot. To be more specific, here is a very short list of domains supported by the app:

- Mathematics including Numbers, Algebra, Matrices, Calculus, Geometry, Discrete Math, Number Theory, Logic Functions, etc.
- Statistic and Data Analysis including Descriptive Statistics, Regression, Statistical Distributions, Probability.
- Physics calculations such as Mechanic, Electricity & Magnetism, Relativity, Nuclear / Quantum / Particle / Statistical Physics, and more.
- Chemistry fields (8)
- Materials like Alloys, etc
- Engineering icnluding Aeronautics, Fluid Mechanics, Structures, and much more
- 13 Astronomy fields
- Earth, Life and Computational Sciences
- Other computations include Units and measures, Dates and Times, Weather, Places and Geography, People and History, Culture and Media, Music, Words and Linguistics, Sports and Games, Colors, Money and Finance, Socioeconomic Data, Health and Medicine, Food and Nutrition, Education, Organizations, Transportation, Technological systems, Web and Computer systems, and probably more.

This is the latest version of the app officially Updated on 2019 and features Material Design graphical UI overhaul and other bug fixes.

More info at Google Play
Requires Android 4.4 and up

WolframAlpha v1.4.5.2018081601 APK

Install the app and calculate the world! (NOTE: better perform clean install to avoid errors)
This is the patched fully working release, if you encounter any problems, please comment!

IGNORE THIS: "App not installed" error fix on some devices: You need fix Apk signature if app wouldnt install: use Lucky Patcher, Rebuild & Install, select APK file, Rebuild, Re-sign with test signature. Then install the new APK.


  1. In app
    when i search, for example, derivative of tanx, the system: Computation timed out. Try with more time.
    Not always, but occasionally comes the message timed out

  2. it has to do with your connection speed, and Wolfram server computation/response time


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