Saturday, August 26, 2017

Battle Camp MOD APK 4.5.1 (Monsters)

Battle epic monsters and come out victorious in this brand new hack for Battle Camp. Catch and evolve more than 1200 uncommon monsters, unattainable monsters, rare monsters and more on your way up to become a master trainer/fighter.

Are you smart and brave enough to battle all and win all? find out now as you train and evolve a thousand creatures and take them to the battlefield to fight for you. Go to battle solo or join the Rangers to build a Troop and crush your enemies and epic bosses together!

Other features in Battle Camp include:
- Explore a live virtual world
- Monster battling puzzle MMO
- REAL-TIME PvP and weekly events
- Loads of costumes and accessories to customize your avatar
- New challenges, new worlds and new monsters
- Own the leaderboard

More info at Google Play
Requires Android 4.0 and up

Battle Camp 4.5.1 MOD APK

New Mods:
Can capture unattainable monsters
Higher chance to capture rare monsters
Higher chance to capture ultra monsters
Higher chance to capture uncommon monsters

Notes: I’ve had no time to test all the features I hacked, but I’m pretty sure it does work fine.

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