Friday, April 14, 2017

World Chef 1.34.6 MOD APK

Create the most amazing restaurant in the world and cook the most exotic and delicious food in this latest unlimited gems and money hack for World Chef.

This is the hottest cooking game on the Play Store at the moment and for good reasons. You can build your very own restaurant, decorate it the way you like at the Design Studio, and manage everything that goes on in there. Players can also buy and trade fresh ingredients to cook the most amazing meals and much more!

If you prove yourself a real World Chef, customers will pour onto your restaurant and you will make infinite money. As you get more popular, VIPs will be coming to YOU for food. Then you can use the cash to expand and make your restaurant the best in the world. Build a dock, get a boat, and import your own ingredients. Get moving now, your customers are waiting!

What's New in version 1.34.6 (Updated April 13, 2017)
From March 31st to April 13th, there will be exclusive Spring Decorations available. Customize your restaurant!

More info at Google Play
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up

World Chef v1.34.6 MOD APK (Instant Cooking, Unlimited Storage - After Upgrade)

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