Monday, April 10, 2017

LectureNotes APK 2.7.17

You can now fully dump the paper and turn your Android tablet into a note taking machine. This app can be used to take lecture notes whether you're a teacher or student. It can also be used by other folks such as business people, artists, etc to take notes on the go.

LectureNotes has been optimized for tablets running android 3.0 or later with a stylus. But it is fully functional on phones as well, and you can write with keyboard too. It all depends on your hardware and its features such as pressure sensitivity. If it meets all the requirements, then prepare for some really smooth writing, typing, scrolling, and zooming.

There are many awesome features in LectureNotes such as:
- multiple layers in notebook pages
- image and image set import into notebook (including image import directly from camera)
- single- and multi-page PDF import (requires PDFView to be installed)
- notebook export as compressed PDF
- notebook export to Evernote (requires Evernote app to be installed)
- notebook export to OneNote (requires OneNote app to be installed)
- audio recording and replay (requires LectureRecordings to be installed)
- video recording and replay (requires LectureVideos to be installed)
- presentations (requires LecturePresentations to be installed)
- sharing and import of notebook pages
- keyword attachment to notebook pages and automatic indexing
- insertion, deletion, and rearrangement of notebook pages
-sharing and import of notebooks
- organization of notebooks in folders
- backup and restore of notebooks board

What's New in version 2.7.17
LectureNotes 2.7.17
- several minor improvements
- writing direction button added to input zone
- general purpose export added
- image import improved
- undo/redo buttons added to input zone
- safe zone improved
- more time stamp variants for notebook and folder name, for the text layer, for the text drawing tool, and as keyword added
- export to Evernote and to OneNote improved
- notebooks board search improved
- supplementary fields added to text layer
- several new custom paper pattern examples added

More info at Google Play
App requires Android 3.0 and up

LectureNotes v2.7.17 APK

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