Thursday, February 2, 2017

Warlock's Tower APK 1.6

Play as a brave postman who must make his deliveries in a tower filled with evil creatures, deadly traps, and confusing corridors. Warlock's Tower is an epic puzzler that tasks players with delivering the mail in a sinister tower using a limited set of moves, all while avoiding constant danger.

Warlock's Tower APK features:
  • Solve over a 100 puzzles spread across diabolically complex rooms such as the dungeon, factory, warehouse, etc
  • Outwit zombies, flying eyes, & slimes! Your ever-diminishing steps are far from the only danger.
  • Play with a friend! Option to roll solo or tackle tricky tag team stages with a buddy.
  • Feel the 80s! 8-bit flavored graphics and sfx/music make you feel like you're playing GameBoy™ again. Become a Mailman hero! Reach the pinnacle of the postal ranks by delivering the letter to the elusive Warlock

Google Play id: com.midipixel.warlockstower
Requires Android 5.0 and up

Warlock's Tower 1.6 APK

This is a unique game worthy of your money, so if you've got the cash click the Play Store id above to buy it and show your support.

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