Thursday, August 2, 2018

MARVEL Avengers Academy 2.8.1 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Build the most awesome superhero school and live the lives of your favorite Marvel characters in this free shopping HACK for MARVEL Avengers Academy (unlocked, no unlimited money needed).

Follow them since their early days to adulthood as they learn to control their super powers and fight various enemies. Remember though, with superpowers comes great responsibility, are you hero enough to fight evil and save the world?! If yes, go build the ultimate Super Hero academy now!

- Discover a new Marvel Avengers world
- Battle epic Marvel villans
- Embark on new adventures
- Build your dream academy

Plus epic mods:
- No need to spend endless money on buying store items
- Get whatever you want for free, comment if you face any problems

What's New in latest version 2.8.1 (Updated August 1, 2018)
- Limited-time Cosmic Cataclysm event begins!
- Battle Ronan and his intergalactic army!
- Unlock Mar-Vell, Noh-Varr, Hyperion, and more!
- Build the ultimate Super Hero academy and strengthen your Avengers team
- Navigate the social ups and downs of your MARVEL characters’ lives: go on dates and confront rival cliques

More details on Google Play
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up

 MARVEL Avengers Academy v2.8.1 MOD APK

New Mods: Free shopping/upgrades/bribes (Price reduced to 0), Instant actions, Instant crafting​.

Note: Power attacks only available with instant actions, game disables it on the free shopping mod

1. Install Play Store version
2. Complete tutorial
3. Uninstall Play Store version
4. Install modded apk


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