Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Malevolent Machines APK 1.0

After a long wait, Malevolent Machines has just been released to the Play Store and it looks epic. The game is a combination of a steampunk endless runner and shoot-em-up mechanics dressed in stunning pixel art graphics. Help Leyla and her powerful Juggerbot destroy the evil machines using nuclear lasers, typhoon missiles, and a blaster cannon.

The story is focused around the trials and tribulations of Dr Leyla Green, as she endeavors to eradicate the countless crooked cyborg creations of her own making that a nameless and nefarious enemy has released onto the world. - Toucharcade

Malevolent Machines allows players to swap between the free-running, platforming precision of Leyla to the destructive shooting of the Juggerbot in real time. It's an incredible mix that breathes life into these 2 rather saturated genres, offering players an immersive and fun gameplay experience never seen before!

Google Play id: com.goodnightgames.malevolentmachines
equires Android 3.2 and up

Malevolent Machines 1.0 APK

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