Sunday, January 22, 2017

Titan HD APK 2.6.1 - Android Board Game

Titan HD brings the epic fantasy war game of the 1980s to our mobiles. The game is about a bunch of competing fantasy armies in a never-ending war. If you've never played the game, there is an ingame tutorial to get you started, or you can find help online.

Player controls a titan and some forces of mythical creatures. Each turn players will be moving their armies of mythical creatures around the board hoping to recruit new creatures... Players move their Legions along specific pathways recruiting creatures to their side and using those Legions to battle their opponents. Battles then take place on separate terrain maps where only the strongest survive..

Strategy is paramount in Titan HD. The game supports 2-6 players where everyone tries to defeat the other in epic board wars. This Android version supports both Local games (humans and AI), and Online games against other players from aorund the world.

Google Play id: ca.valleygames.titan
Requires Android 4.2 and up

Titan HD 2.6.1 APK

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