Wednesday, January 25, 2017

March to a Million 1.0.1 APK + MOD Money (Coins, Concept Points)

Another one of Kairosoft's hit simulations just landed on the Play Store and this time is about making superstars. March to a Million (hack included) is an artist-management sim where you get to head your own talent agency, discover the next super star, make unlimited money and be your own boss.

You start by scouting for uniquely talented people and nurturing them to fame and riches. You need to advertise your services, choose a record company, and then the world is yours. Train your artists so they can sing professionally, after they win all auditions first of course. Make them famous, get the Million Award and earn some cash!

Once they've debuted, hold events and jobs around the country, produce albums and have them interact with fans at concerts to raise their popularity! If they get famous, they might even be able to guest star on popular TV shows!

You can free download March to a Million APK on our site from links below. But we encourage you to buy the game from the official Google Play page and support the devs who made it. A Mod with infinite coins is also included so you can enjoy this simulation even further with infinite cash.

As their fans increase, you'll get access to more jobs and sell more albums and merchandise! Build a wide fanbase and aim for the prestigious music prizes from each record company!

Google Play id:
Requires Android 4.1 and up

March to a Million 1.0.1 APK (full, paid) OR MOD Money

Mods: Unlimited Coins, Concept Points - Add/Spend Some​


  1. just install mod normally, when you add/spend some coins or concept points you'll get infinite amounts

  2. Hello can you upload magazine mogul and Anime studio story, sushi spinnery, pyraplex, oh edo towns with mod money please I'm just missing those

  3. @Princess Akisuki,
    do a google search like this:

    Edo Towns apktron
    Anime studio story apktron

    as to the other games, i hope i get the time to post them!

  4. @Ryan Wilson the mod don´t work in anime studio story don't work i try a new studio and all and unlimited money i don't see the money sorry to bother you ):

  5. @Akisuki, Kairosoft's mods seems to have stopped working for some games

    the oldest mods seem to be still working if you want them!

  6. Hello thanks for answer the only mod that I want is magazine mogul is the only thing that I don't have with unlimited money and book unlimited.

    Thanks for all :D

  7. the money works fine, but the concept point not working :(

  8. do you have only concept point mod?

  9. it keeps telling me that there is a code error. i really want it.

  10. Money mod working, but concept point not working :(


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