Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Frostbound APK 1.1 - for Daydream VR

Survive the cold weather and dangerous environments as you journey through the frozen wilderness into the cursed mountain in Frostbound, a virtual reality rogue-lite adventure with puzzle elements made by Schell Games

On your journey, you will need to camp, scavenge and help your team of Elkins (elk-like creatures) survive. Camps are necessary to rest, otherwise you must travel at night which is risky. You also need to manage your group's skills and use each member to complete tasks such as construction and the like. Scavenging for resources and clues, and avoiding dark spirits of the night is paramount to your survival as well.

Other features in Frostbound:
- Protect your Elkin from wolves at night by hunkering down, or risk traveling by night to save supplies.
- Discover clues about the story of the Curse by exploring the wilderness, and piecing together the history of the Elkin.

Google Play id: com.schellgames.frostbound
Requires Android 7.0+ DayDream VR

Frostbound 1.1 APK

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