Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DRIFT APK 2.9 - Google Daydream VR

Become the bullet and control your path as you dodge obstacles all the way to your target (the elusive green man). DRIFT is a bullet simulator where you get to slow down time (limited) to avoid hard obstacles. The game is set within a training program (an AI construct) with the aim of making your perfect, I think!!

Based on the VRJAM Gold award-winning game, DRIFT is a one-of-a-kind experience played from the perspective of a bullet. DRIFT fully exploits the possibilities of virtual reality to offer a challenging new gameplay paradigm.

Now free download the game below, tap the side of your VR headset to fire yourself into the target, complete all the 15 core levels, and try to unlock the endless modes and the six hidden levels. (A walkthrough is available online if you find it hard to play)

Google Play id: com.SharpSenses.DRIFT
Requires Android 7.0+ DayDream VR


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