Monday, January 30, 2017

The original infinite gold, keys, lives, unlimited money, and unlocked all bikes hack for Traffic Rider latest version 1.4 - Content Update which was officially released on January 30, 2017

Spruce up your homescreen with beautifully animated 3D scenes from the uncharted space. The 3D space environments are very colorful and will give your phone or tablet a sci-fi vibe.

Take your photography skills to the next level with FGAE camera app that's got everything you need to make your photographs pop. Camera FV-5 pro version is an advanced tool for professional photo shooting and processing. It features DSLR-like manual controls and takes raw images just like the most expensive cameras do.

Record and capture video silently and in stealth mode with Secret Video Recorder Pro version (no ads). You can schedule your video recording with no camera shutter sound, record video in background even during phone calls or when screen is off, plus much more.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Get ready to breathe a new life into your boring Android phone or tablet with the most awesome icon packs you'll ever see. After spending quite a while going through most paid icon sets on the Play Store, I've compiled a list of the top Android themes to customize your Android in 2017. All of the included icon packs are full version ones available for free download, but I encourage you to buy what you like to support the devs who made them. Go through them all, choose what you like, personalize your Android device, make it look cooler, cleaner, or out of this world.

Friday, January 27, 2017

You're stranded in a strange dark world and trying to find your way out by means of a phone and bunch of number strings. That's what Strange Telephone by Yuta is about, it's a 2D point n' click pixel art game with weird phone numbers that can generate worlds.

Duel other players in real-time in this brand new Pokémon Duel game. The hack we provide is for Android devices only so have fun guys. As to the game, it's a strategy where you fight AI opponents or players from around the world in a board-like manner using Pokemon figurines.

Does Trump being president make you lose your mind, then here is your chance for therapy. Punch The Trump is a fun fighting game where you get to punch, slap, and use all kinds of combos on the guy. The implemented hack will give you unlimited money, with no ads, so you can beat him up with all kinds of weapons without restrictions!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Android users can finally experience all the original Myst Ages plus bonus Rime Age right on their mobile. realMyst by Noodlecake Studios will immerse you into all things myst, as you explore mystical island forests, fountains, Channelwood Age trees, and more elements in Stoneship Age, Selenitic Age, etc.

Enter a haunted world with the scariest creatures in BAD DREAM, a virtual reality game that's gonna turn the bravest of you into a crying baby!.

Explore the United States as a truck driver and transport many items such as vehicles, food, fuel, and more in the funnest sim on the Play Store. Truck Simulator USA (Hack) will give you the chance to experience what it's like to drive an 18 wheeler across many environments and situations.

Play soccer with super cars and score awesome goals in this unlimited nitro, unlocked cars and VIP hack for Turbo league!

Help a brave girl named Sophia, who's been transported to a dark fantasy world, get back home and defeat the evil witch who's brought her there.

Whether you're a djing amateur or professional, Djay 2 version 2.2.8 gives you the tools you need to rock that party or perform live right from your android device. Mix from Spotify or your own music library to make the perfect songs and soundtracks, this app can even work on auto-pilot with the automix feature..

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Another one of Kairosoft's hit simulations just landed on the Play Store and this time is about making superstars. March to a Million (hack included) is an artist-management sim where you get to head your own talent agency, discover the next super star, make unlimited money and be your own boss.

Headup Games just released the perfect game to go with this winter season and it's from the 80s. Free download Retro Winter Sports 1986, bring back the good ol' days, and become a champion in this pixelated classic sports game featuring:

Help the people of the Tiny Planet rebuild their world in The Tiny Bang Story. It's not an easy task as it requires a lot of puzzle solving, hunting hidden objects, and conquering very challenging brain teasers.

The #1 critically-acclaimed sleeping app for people who find it hard to relax is now available for free download. Mix your own sounds or use built-in ones to take a quick nap, de-stress during the day, or sleep like a baby at night!

Protect your Android devices against all kinds of viruses and spyware, and keep your infomation safe on the web now. Free download Norton Security and Antivirus Premium version and don't let malware rake over your device!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Get transported to a post-apocalyptic world where you get to race the heaviest speed monsters there is in Racing Xtreme: Best Driver 3D hack, a game where off-road racing has been taken to a whole other level.

Play as a thief who stole some cursed money from a demon king and are now pursued by his minion monsters. Cursed Coins (hack unlimited) is a unique old-school-looking action game with unique graphics, where you get to fight hellish monsters to escape a graveyard with the skeleton king's loot.

Yet another cooking game hits the Play Store and it's quite delicious! Restaurant Mania (hack with unlimited money, no ads) lets you cook more than 400 types of meals for all all kinds of customers (including pirates, vampires, and zombies).

If you're bored with the usual cooking games Android has to offer, then mount your VR headset and start a cooking adventure unlike any before it in Cosmic Chef VR by Uber Entertainment. Fight your way to the craziest dishes in the galaxy and become the master of food!

The sequel to Square Enix's Card Collecting RPG 'Guardian Cross' is now available for Android devices. Guardian Codex hack follows the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, it's an online card-based battler where you get to fight epic bosses with your guardians.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Play as a young satyr that uses a magical flute to try and bring back Zeus’ flock of sheep. Song Of Pan (hack) is a fun puzzle platforming adventure set in Mount Olympus, that requires players to use their strategy skills paired with enchanting flute music to complete the mission at hand.

Choose your wolf type, customize your skills and abilities, and join a pack in The Wolf (hack), a Real-Time multiplayer Open World RPG by Swift Apps LTD.

Command your WW2 warships and defend your territory in Sea Battle Warships 3D Mod, an action-packed and fast-paced battleship strategy game by Furun Wang.

Strum those strings and make the most beautiful melodies with Real Guitar (full) Android app by Gismart. Have some fun and enjoy your time creating awesome music. This game is perfect for both beginners and professional guitarists, kids and adults alike. Free download now and play some tunes!

Drive the famous FAB 1 Car, upgrade it, and race, fly, and park your way through 40 exciting missions. Parker’s Driving Challenge hack is made for anyone who likes unique driving games. Drive in 3 unique missions types and avoid damaging your car as you park. Play now to defeat the evil Hood!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tune your classic car and start the action in this unlimited money and gold hack for Door Slammers 2, a fun multiplayer burnout drag racing game for all fans of the genre. Download now and pedal to the metal in one of the funnest car games on the Play Store.

Can you survive in a dangerous world where everything wants you dead. Don't Starve Pocket Edition is a wilderness survival game made in immersive cartoon-like visuals, where you will get lost, scared, cold, tired, and hungry in a deadly randomly generated open-world environment.

Fans of the classic Drug Lord 2 PC game, the Android remake has arrived bringing with it everything you loved about the original and more. This unlimited money hack will give you the most needed resource ever, that is cash!! Download the game and build your criminal empire now!

Titan HD brings the epic fantasy war game of the 1980s to our mobiles. The game is about a bunch of competing fantasy armies in a never-ending war. If you've never played the game, there is an ingame tutorial to get you started, or you can find help online.

Do you ache for classic 3D light-gun games? if so we have a surprise for you. Mad Bullets Hack is an arcade shooting game with simple conrols and focus on gameplay fun. Meet crazy characters, kill the baddies, save the girl, collect the cash and blow up stuff. Welcome to the old Wild West!

Solve challenging physics puzzles and save Rube's Lab from the evil doctor using this unlocked premium version, and unlimited hints hack

Friday, January 20, 2017

Radio controlled aircrafts are fun to watch, learn about, and play with, and that's what PicaSim (full version) is all about. It's a flight simulator made by The Rowlhouse that teaches you how to fly them, or just have fun playing with them up in the sky practicing aerobatics along the way.

Shift and drift like a pro across different tracks in Real Drift Car Racing (full/no mod). Customize and drive the most amazing cars using unlimited money, then crush your opponents and show off your skills on the leaderboards. Download now and experience drift racing like never before!

Build your very own metropolitan mega-conglomerate and become the world's richest business man in Kairosoft's latest building simulation Venture Towns

This is the full pro version of MacroDroid Device Automation app by ArloSoft. It features unlimited macros, no ads, and ability to share your created templates with the community.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The wars for space supremacy has begun! Arm your battleship and enter the endless space fighting arena, destroying all kinds of enemies. Battleship Lonewolf Space TD is a tower defense action strategy where you get to command your own spaceship into epic battles for space domination and glory.

Seb Woodland Games just released their much-anticipated werewolves hunting game and it looks unreal. Hunter's Moon lets you become a brave werewolf hunter, explore a pixelated world in an action-platforming manner, and earn infinite gold as you finish your missions.

If you're like me, into challenging weird games, then grab this one now! Geometry Dash is a "rhythm-based action platformer" where you get to guide a square-like character though spiky obstacles, and uniquely dangerous level designs.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Forget about all other hunting games you've played before because DEER HUNTER 2017 Hack will take you on an unforgettable hunting adventure into the wild, under the ocean, and up in the sky

Dive into the world of gods and legends and experience Norse Mythology through this amazing RPG. Odin's Protectors is a character-building role playing game where you get to take your character from zero to hero by playing various mini-games.

Create the most stunning interior decors, design beautiful homes and share them with the world in Crowdstar's new simulation Design Home (hack)

Welcome to the story of your dreams where you get to be at the heart of the fashion and celebrity world. Top Girl hack lets you do whatever you want, become a supermodel, shop at high boutiques, go on hot dates, and live the high life.

Ebook reading on mobile can be a pain for most of us, but with Moon+ Reader Pro it's a joy. This is the defacto application for book reading on any Android phone or tablet thanks to its powerful features.

If you're one of those people that multitask a lot, then Toucher Pro (premium version) is the perfect app for you. It's the best multitasking tool for Android devices to maximize productivity while on the go. It gives you all the tools you need to easily access any app right from your homescreen.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

If you're bored with the usual physics-based puzzle platformer games, then get ready for a whole new concept in the genre in Untame's brand new Game!

Big Fish Games is back with yet another immersive point and click adventure that will test the limit of your mind. Danse Lethal Letters (Full) lets you play as a psychologist who must help a successful ballerina, named Irina, through her mysterious black-out episodes.