Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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Engage in unique fast-paced platforming action as you run, shoot and jump through the beautifully designed levels. RunGunJumpGun will test your reflexes with its running, gunning and flying game mechanics. Use the two button controls layout to either fly or shoot enemies and obstacles out of the way. Free download now and have fun!

Travel the universe and enjoy the infinite space in all its glory with 3D Space Live Wallpaper (Full version), a beautiful and highly customizable interactive LWp featuring:

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Automate everything on your Android device with the number 1 automation app on the Play Store. Tasker by Crafty Apps will boost your productivity ten folds and once you use it you can't live without it. It allows you to set triggers, actions, and profiles to automate settings, sms, other apps and more on your phone. It even lets you create your own apps!