Friday, December 16, 2016

Travel back to the 90's, rampage through the city, and relive the retro crime gaming genre in this action-packed gem of a game by Vblank Entertainment

Play as the King's agent and investigate a mysterious illness that has befallen an island of the kingdom of Monares. The Quest - Islands of Ice and Fire is an epic grid-based RPG with awesome old-school turn based battles. It can be played as a standalone app or as an expansion to the original The Quest game.

NHN Entertainment's Guardian Hunter Super Brawl is a team-based hack-n-slash Role Playing Game that features both campaign and multiplayer missions. You get to take your band of warriors through danger-filled dungeons, swap their skills, and kill powerful bosses.

If you were wondering how to run multiple accounts on the same Android device for Whatsapp, Facebook, or other games then Parallel Space Mod (no ads) is what you need. This app, developed by LBE Tech, allows you to open multi accounts simultaneously in any application without any interference between said accounts.