Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Manage your own train station in Kairosoft's latest game. Station Manager Apk v1.2.4 (hack) is a management simulation where players get to create and expand their very own train business.

Dig deep into your evil mind and strategically plan the carbon-induced destruction of humanity. Carbon Warfare is a realistic simulation that brings global warming phenomenon to full effect, and puts you behind the driving wheel.

Take your tabletop tennis skills to the next level in Yakuto's Table Tennis Touch v2.2.1230.1, a beautifully-designed game for fans and non-fans of ping pong alike. It's made for the pros as well as beginners without any skills. 

Choice of Games is back with yet another thrilling text-based interactive adventure called Ratings War, where you take on the role of a journalist who must do whatever it takes to become the highest-rated reporter in the world.

Turn your Android home screen into something unique with Paperland Pro (paid), a highly customizable paper-cut style live wallpaper

Customize your typing experience and type faster in any language with Smart Keyboard Pro. Thanks to its small download size of 2mb, its completely personalizable layout and typing options, its accurate prediction engine, this keyboard is a must for anyone with a low-end phone or tablet.