Thursday, November 24, 2016

Lead your hero to battle and fight epic monsters and mythical creatures to save the realms. Epic of Kings for Android is an action-packed adventure, developed by Dead Mage, of one man who stood against hordes of evil enemies!

Hack n' slash your way through endless dungeon missions in Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 5 hack. Play as a bounty hunter and fight alongside other players online to bring down the most dangerous monsters of the dark realms.

Build the most epic assassin and play unlimited hours of stealth combat action in Assassin's Creed Identity full apk (for all Android phones and tablets with sd data files). The game is unlike anything we've seen on mobile so far, as it delivers console-quality graphics and action gameplay straight to your pocket.

The popular 4X/Roguelike strategy game has just been released to Android and it looks epic. Hero Generations ReGen is a unique rpg in which each in-game turn is a year of your character's life. The worlds are procedurally generated, and you can build towns, get married, have kids, and so on, but eventually you will grow old and die. However after you perish, you can then start playing as one of your character's progeny and continue the cycle.

Experience first-hand a family's battle against their son's cancer. That Dragon, Cancer is an interactive Autobiographical drama about faith, hope and love. In a nutshell, the game tells the story of the Green family and their struggle with their son Joel's terminal brain tumor.

Create funny faces of your family and friends for laughs with Face Changer (full version) for Android by Scoompa

Improve your Android's performance and increase productivity with Android Assistant Pro by AA Mobile. Efficiently manage your device with the top most useful tools with no extra bloatware, including:

Talk to friends and family anywhere in the world with GrooVe IP Pro. This app will give you a US phone number, and allows you to call real US and Canada numbers for free (limited) using wifi or your data plan. GrooVe IP users can call and text each other free of charge for as long as they want.