Thursday, November 17, 2016

Travel back to the age of Vikings and lead your clan through harsh environments in Banner Saga 2, a strategy RPG where your decisions, resource managment and combat skills are key to your people' survival.

Set in a dystopian future, Zero Rock Entertainment's Android game Replica is an interactive novel paranoia and surveillance simulator, where you are handed a cellphone and must gather all information you can get through apps and data (like puzzles), and then upload it to the authoritarian regime holding you.

The pocket edition of the pc and IOS hit game, Don’t Starve, is now available for free download onto android devices.

Be more productive with Floating Apps full version, the best multitasking application for android users (for both apps and now games).

If you're a cycler or perform other sport activities then this app might be the best thing for you. BikeComputer Pro features all needed options for cycling enthusiasts plus more, including but not limited to: