Tuesday, November 8, 2016

You're pretty tired, you need to sleep but can't because of your neighbor's loud parties, now blind with rage you decide to kill everyone. Party Hard (free download on Apktron) is a strategy that puts a knife in your hand and lets you go on a killing spree throughout the US wherever a party is on.

Explore endless dungeons and rid them of slimy creatures to ultimately defeat the Slime King himself. The Slimeking's Tower (no ads) is an action-filled retro adventure with gorgeous old-school graphics, many items, enemies, bosses and rooms.


Prepare for a whole new typing experience with WRIO Keyboard by Icoaching. It has all characteristics of a successful android keyboard plus much more. With WRIO, you get emojis, intuitive interfaces, multi-language support, smarter auto-correct, intelligent swipe typing gestures, and more.

Customize your homescreen and make your Android faster and more productive thanks to CM Launcher Pro. This full version has no ads and adds many indispensable features as oposed to the free version including: