Thursday, November 3, 2016

Choose your car type and start racing in NZ vs Loons, a game by Madcowie bringing UK's loons against NZs for a battle of fate! race your heart out!!

Head into the future to steal a zombie virus medicine and save your daughter in RETSNOM, a unique pixelated zombie shooting and level-manipulating puzzle platformer by Somi.

Feel the current weather condition right on your Android with Animated Weather Widget&Clock pro version with full forecast and no ads. Watch clouds, rain and snow in motion following any weather condition from over 50000 global locations.

Edit your videos professionally and at the highest quality with KineMaster (full version unlocked) for android, the critically-acclaimed video editing solution developed by NexStreaming Corp for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Talk to your alarm using custom commands and wake up happy with WakeVoice 6.0.12. The app differs from other alarm clocks like Good Morning Pro in its speech feature, as you can stop or activate it with vocal commands.