Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You are a gate hunter, the only one that can defeat the demon hordes and seal the doors of hell. Play using this God Mode hack for HellFire: The Summoning, summon and evolve creatures, battle epic creatures, and bring peace to the lands. [Need ROOT for this game]

Use your fishing pole to defeat the Skyfish and free your brother in Legend of the Skyfish. Developed by Crescent Moon, this game is a unique Zelda-like top-down puzzle adventure, where you use your hookshot to pull things to you, or manipulate environments to solve puzzles and kill enemies.

Race in awesome classic 50s cars, and hurtle through uniquely designed vertiginous environments in this unlimited money hack for Vertigo Racing.

Find out what happened to your crew and survive the lone space on a planet called Miranda.

Change your android's look and feel with PipTec Green Icons & Live Wall, a theme with 3300 hd varied green icons and Fallout Pip-boy wallpapers.