Monday, June 27, 2016

Face your fears and test the limits of your courage in Hills Legend by EGProject, a true horror story to play right on your android. Feel fear for the first time as you try to find your way through a haunted building to long lost treasures!


SQUARE ENIX just released FINAL FANTASY IX (aka FF9) onto the Play Store, one of their most anticipated games of this year. Before you download though, make sure you have at least 4GB of free storage on your Android 4.1+ phone or tablet's sd card.

Hardcore strategy fans, meet your new favorite game! Anomaly Warzone Earth takes the tower defense genre onto new heights. Wage war against the alien towers and destory every last one of them to save the planet!

Hunt a new species of mutated fish and become the best at what you do in the unlimited money hack for Mobfish Hunter by Appxplore.

Another top-down zombie survival game hits the Play Store and it looks gorgeous. World of Zombies hack has you control John, a survival of the zombie apocalypse, as he hunts for supplies and shoots every undead in his way to stay alive.