Saturday, June 4, 2016

Run, hack n' slash, and dodge obstacles in GetMeBro!, an endless runner game with a unique visual style for fighting action games fans. Combine different abilities and skills in diferent situations to defeat the deadly enemies in your way!

The unlimited Karma, Mana, and Free Promo Packs hack for The Sandbox 2, a game by PIXOWL in which you create and craft amazing pixel worlds, and featuring:

The guys at FDG Entertainment, publisher of "Clear Vision", bring us their new neo-noir sniper game called  LONEWOLF (17+) for mature audiences above 17 of age. Follow the story and see where it leads you taking out your targets along the way.

Ubisoft's Sandstorm Pirate Wars is a futuristic strategy ship battling adventure, where you get to build and fly pirate vessels from scavenged parts. This latest update features even more new content like sand cruisers and much more!

No Man's Land by Next Games is the official Android game of AMC’s The Walking Dead and it's now on the Play Store. The game is a solid survival and resource management strategy for hardcore RPG fans!