Monday, May 30, 2016


Take part in the new hilarious cover-based shooter from DevolverDigital called "NOT A HERO". It's an action packed, destruction filled shooter for hardcore gamers. Dodge enemy bullets as your run and gun your way through a bunch of gangs completing your missions.


Experience the life of a football player and make choices that will affect your story in New Star Soccer G-Story. The game is an interactive choose your own adventure story-book that will take you from your early days of football to becoming a champion.. if you can!

Rovio Entertainment just released Angry Birds Action! (Modded Unlimited Coins, Gems, etc), their most anticipated game of 2016. This latest installment is a top-down smash-em-up physics puzzler, in which players try to cause mayhem by launching and sliding around to save the birds eggs and collect valuable items.

You can now train in the comfort of your own home using Gaiam's Yoga Studio app apk. Just like in a professional studio, all yoga poses and techniques are included and completely detailed. All the classes are made by a professional and tailored for everyone, no matter their level of training.