Thursday, May 5, 2016

Warner Bros finally released block-themed LEGO Movie official Game for Android devices. You can now take action as lego characters and relive key moments from the blockbuster film right on your mobile.

Train and battle monsters through different stages, evolve them via different skills and perform awesome fighting combos in Monster Fantasy featuring:

Control a cute worm character, solve a bunch of puzzles and get the apples in Ninja Worm, Akita Games' first casual adventure.

Command your space troops and engage in epic strategy battle with Into the Void for Android featuring:

If you've played Super Hexagon then Super Arc Light apk might be the next best thing. You control a ship inside a circle surrounded by a other circles and a bunch of enemy ships. Your goal is to destroy all enemies before they get to you. You can unlock new and more powerful weapons and powerups to help you do so!

The unlimited mana, sp, critical/health potions, no skill cd Hack for Raid Brigade is finally available in version 0.32. There is nothing special about this update except for some bug fixes and of course the mods it features!