Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Android game based on internet celebrity Dan Bilzerian is finally here! Save Dan hack v1.0 pits players against hordes of sexy female zombies trying to eat your brains. It's up to you brave one to save the guy and stop the zombie apocalypse.

Alawar's Puppet Show: Lost Town (full premium apk) is yet another thrilling point and click adventure, tasking players with finding a little girld that's been kidnapped by a mechanical creature. You will need to track that beast through the dark caves filled with secrets and mysteries in order to save little Suzy.

Your life is at stake as you try to protect professor Kevin Reynolds so you must survive in the Haunted Hotel: Eternity full version apk. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles and try to stay alive all while trying to find out who wants to kill you and the wealthy doctor.

Use Sonic's jumping skills to get to the finish point all while avoiding obstacles and collecting all the coins you can get. Leap and spin as sonic or his friends including all characters from the Sonic universe.

R.B.I. Baseball 16 allows Android gamers to take their favorite baseball teams to world championships. If you like the show, or ever played RBI 15, then you'll love this game. Future updates may bring Play by Play and a Legends Team for next year. Free download below and pitch your way to victory!

Take your favorite classic Disney characters on a brand new 8-bit blocky adventure in Disney Crossy Road Hack (Unlocked, ads free). Following the same Frogger-like gameplay as the original, this one brings more than 100 characters and nine themed worlds from Pixar and Disney universes. If you've played the original game, then you must try this one!

Gather resources and survive the dangerous space in Out There: Omega Edition v2.4.2. The game puts you in the passenger seat of a drifting spaceship, and you will have to find oxygen and other supplies to stay alive. This is a resource management strategy, so play smart!