Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Forge powerful weapons and head to battle the devil minions and powerful dark Bosses. You are a warrior, the last man standing against hell unleashing its filthy creatures onto the earth.

A brand new indie puzzle platformer just hit the Play Store and is called Toby: The Secret Mine (v1.61 hack). The game is a silhouetted 2D platforming adventure inspired by games such as Limbo and Badland.

A peaceful city called Freepoint has been attacked by an evil character called the Cardinal and it's up to you to save everyone from their imminent doom. "Freepoint High" is an action platformer inspired by Jeremy Scott's popular novel "The Ables" featuring the same storyline and super heroes from the book.

Grab your weapons and face off against hordes of demons in Darklord Tales hack v1.0.0.29. Enter the evil-filled dungeons and hunt all treasures that the devils want to take for themselves. Engage in action-packed battles and try to stay alive in this awesome RPG!

The Beggar’s Ride is a unique platforming adventure in which you manipulate the gorgeous environments to solve puzzles in a deep and intriguing story of discovery..

Alien Shooter apk update 1.1.6 (released on April 12, 2016) is finally here after almost a year without any news! The game delivers classic single-player (offline) shooting action from a top-down perspective with many other features.