Thursday, March 31, 2016

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Warner Bros finally released dinosaur-themed Lego game LEGO® Jurassic World™ for Android devices.  You can now take your favorite characters into Jurassic Park environments (from the 4 movies) adventuring, battling, and collecting characters.

Enter an action-packed pixelated world in Prison Run and Gun by Quantized Bit, an action platformer shooter that's the mobile spinoff of the desktop pc shooter Hot Guns made for android and ios devices.

Latest update is here! Experience the ultimate dogfight game with Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders v1.0.5 apk full. Unlock planes and use your weapons to engage enemy fighters up in the sky or close to the ground. This latest update features some bug fixes and improvements.

The No skill cd, High Damage/Critical/Defence/Speed, and God mode hack for Buddy Rush The Legends can finally be installed onto your Android phones and tablets.

Enter a world of guns and battles in "Guns of Infinity", a purely text-based interactive novel sequel to the successful game called "Sabres of Infinity".