Saturday, December 17, 2016

USTV Pro APK 4.94

Watch your favorite USA live TV channels and enjoy unlimited entertainment for free. USTV Pro (full version) is an independently created tv application that streams HBO, Showtime, Cartoon Network, Discovery, etc at the highest quality and free of charge! You can also listen to your favorite US radio stations if you like!

make sure you are connecting to the internet via unfiltered or proxified network. USTV will mostly open connection to streaming server at TCP port 1935 (RTMP Protocol). So if you see most channels are offline, this is very likely that you are blocked by firewall (most company will do so).

USTV Pro features:
- Automatic channels update
- Manual adding of channels
- Manage favorite channels.
- Record your favorite shows instantly in high quality
- hardware acceleration support on android 4.1 and up (means battery-friendly)
- Image quality filters

App official page: USTVfree
Requires Android 2.3 and up

USTV Pro 4.94 APK

Enjoy this patched properly working version (Tested on Sony Xperia Z2)!
Note: All offline channels are now working fine (August 2017). Try Updating list from Settings if some channel stops working!


  1. Parsing error. It won't install.

    1. maybe your android version is not supported, or u have corrupted apk file
      try to download again!

      i tested it on my sony xperia Z2 android 5.1.1 and it's working fine! all premium channels for free! no crash, nothing! i personally use this app for entertainment!

      this version is the only working one on the internet, other v4.7 online aren't properly patched and don't work at all!


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