Saturday, December 31, 2016

You can now experience the #1 racing game in glorious virtual reality right on your Android device. Free download Need for Speed No Limits VR (full version) now, customize your ride, and challenge the best drivers out there to win!

Play as a psychologically disturbed painter and adventure through horror-filled rooms as you try to finish your masterpiece. Layers of Fear: Solitude for Daydream VR is a first person journey through the rooms of a Victorian Mansion haunted by horrific memories and torturous secrets, featuring:

Fans of platform games, here is a fun addition to your collection and it has been hacked. Geometry Dash World (unlocked) is a rhythm-based action platformer that lets you control a square character as you jump, flip, and fly through harsh environments filled with deadly traps and obstacles.

Man the goal and catch some pucks in this fun hockey game by Sierra Lima. Virtual Goaltender is the perfect time waster for fans of the sports with many challenging levels, awesome graphics, and hilarious commentary.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Go on an amazing classic platforming adventure and help Timbergrote Jack save his loved ones in Incredible Jack (hack) by Chillingo

Join the candy-loving green monster once again for an addictive bout of physics-based puzzle gameplay in Cut the Rope: Experiments, the latest installment in the popular CTR series

Control crazy fun characters that drive awesome bikes and race to win in the unlimited money, and gems hack for GX Racing

Travel to a distant planet called, Versus and use your memory absorption gift to defeat your alien opponents and save the galaxy

You can finally convert all your videos and audio files right on your Android device from-to any format you may choose. Video Converter Pro by VidSoftLab supports all latest video formats like HD video, HTML5 video, etc and allows for basic Editing like slowmotion, crop, etc.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Become entangled once more in the epic tale of gods and men on planet versus. The Elite Trials Unlocked (full version) is a purely text-based interactive adventure by Choice of Games that has you play as someone who can steal superpowers and memories. As it's a game of choices, you can become whoever you want, a double agent working with the Elite Courte or a savior!!

The most popular basketball franchise just got completely revamped in its latest 2017 edition, which brings realism to a whole other level. NBA 2K17 for android brings enhanced gameplay and handling, realistic players, courts and audience. 

Fly up in the sky and experience the life of a bird in this brand new simulation by Gluten Free Gmaes. Ultimate Bird Simulator gives you the chance to play as one of 12 playable birds such as an eagle, parrot, owl, and many more. You can free download the game below and have fun!

Become unbreakable and wreck havoc with this new hack for Fury Roads Survivor. You can even unlock all items and cars, plus much more!

Manage your financial matters more efficiently and up to the smallest details with My Budget Book, the defacto money management application for Android users.

Beautify your device with over 1800 icons and 54 stunning wallpapers now! Grace UX allows to turn your boring Android phone into somethign awesome. With this latest update you can even make it look like the new Galaxy Note 7!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

You can now download the full unlocked version of Academy of Disaster by Choice of Games, an immersive interactive novel where you take the role of an amnesiac student, try to uncover the mysteries of an isolated private school, and solve the murders of your classmates

Free download the critically-acclaimed stuff burning game now! Little Inferno is a 100% indie puzzling "adventure!" that puts you in front of a fire place and your only task is to burn items, all kinds of items and watch how the different objects take fire!! Sounds boring, right, well think again!

You can now free download the full unlocked version of Gambling with Eternity, an interactive novel by Choice of Games where your choices shape the story you play.

Unlock all heroes and run through the city killing bad guys and evil monsters in Pixel Super Heroes hack

Record phone calls easily and effortlessly with C Mobile's Call Recorder Pro, the no muss no fuss call recording application for Android users.

Add, remove, and change image backgrounds right on your mobile with Pixomatic for Android. Thanks to the smart cut outs, you'll find yourself editing your photos like a pro swapping forgrounds into backgrounds and such.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Choose from a variety of Christmas characters, run, jump, and collect golden coins in The Christmas Journey GOLD Edition, a stunning platformer for this cold Xmas season

Follow the tale of the children that were taken by the Northern Light in this family-friendly educational game by Miksapix Interactive narrated by Dylan Bruno.

Join powerful wizards and mercenaries in their fight against the Dark Monarch's army to close down the dimensional gate in Infinity Mercs hack, an awesome RPG featuring powerful magic, heroes and epic bosses

The first and original adventure in the hugely popular Lifeline game series by 3 Minute Games has finally been updated, but there is no new content except for some optimizations and bug fixes. So if your game is working fine, there is no need to update!!

Join the green monster Om Nom once again for an incredible puzzling adventure as he tries to solve challenging physics-based puzzles to get the candy

Monday, December 26, 2016

Become the world's best animal tosser in this fun but a bit cruel turtle tossing game by GonzoSSM

Upgrade, customize and take your bike to the road for some high speed crazy moto racing in the unlimited oil, coins, and helmets hack for Real Moto by Dreamplay Games.

Solve over 4000 jig saw puzzles and entertain your mind with Jigsaw Puzzles Epic (premium hack) by Kristanix Games

You can now free download the latest full version of Cross DJ Pro with no ads and all FX unlocked. Enjoy an unparalleled premium DJ experience right on your Android phone or tablet!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Track down and find out the whereabouts of your sister after she fell on the naughty list, and been taken by Santa's evil twin spirit Berta. Christmas Stories: Magi Full version is an amazing point and click adventure by Big Fish Games to play on this Christmas season, featuring:

Enter the dark and fantasy world of Buriedbornes, a hardcore dungeon RPG filled with dead souls and reviving heroes. Enjoy unlimited Soulstones, Golds, and more in this latest update!

Play the perfect winter game for this cold Christmas season and enjoy a winter pinball adventure unlike no other. Free download below or buy it on the Play Store and have fun, happy Xmas!

Solve murders and apprehend criminals in Police Precinct: Online by A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. digital.

Embark on a dangerous adventure to stop the pirate they call Sea Ripper who's been sinking ships and terrorizing sailors. Sea of Lies: Treachery (Full version) is an immersive point and click adventure by BigFish Games for Android devices featuring:

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Telltale Games is back with the latest installment of The Walking Dead adventure game series. Season 3, dubbed A New Frontier, the episodes of which are fully unlocked by the way, is now available for free download on Apktron or the Play Store for $5.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Follow research scientist Gordon Freeman yet again on his journey in a world destroyed by aliens and survive. Half-Life 2 for android (NVIDIA SHIELD) is based on the highly-rated half-life pc series, and it brings the same level of realism and immersiveness right to your mobiles.

Fans of inkle's Sorcery series, you can finally continue your adventure and journey through Kharé: Cityport of Traps. Sorcery! 2 is an interactive gamebook that can be played as a standalone adventure or as followup to the original (first) Sorcery game. This chapter puts you in a town of thieves and murderers on the brink of destruction, can you uncover its secrets and survive?!

Portal is for Nvidia Shield only and requires Android 4.4+ (Tegra 4) and a gamepad to play!

Based on Steve Jackson's Sorcery! book, this critically-acclaimed Android adaptation brings his fantasy world to life. Sorcery! is an interactive fighting fantasy gamebook where you make your own story based on your choices.

Take your gaming experience to the next level with Sixaxis Controller version 1.1.3 (paid full version). Use your PS3/4 controllers to play your android games the way you do on your Playstation console. Just fire up the app, set it up, tweak the settings and start playing your games (ROOT required).

Snap your pictures and record videos with over 120 real-time filters and effects for the sharpest most professional looks. Retrica Pro (full version) Selfie, Sticker, GIF is both a powerful camera app and photo editor that's used by over 300 millions Android users.

Configure light notifications for many apps with Light Manager Pro (full latest version). You can customize LED colors settings for Missed calls, No signal, SMS, Gmail, and many other notifications for more productivity.

Record 2-sided phone calls easily and at the highest quality with Call Recorder Total Recall (full version) by Killer Mobile

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fans of interactive novels prepare for another immersive post-apocalyptic adventure from Choice of Games. Doomsday On Demand Unlocked Full (Formerly called After Doomsday) is a purely text-based novel where your choices will shape the story, and either save you or be your downfall.

The forth and final installment in the critically-acclaimed, fantasy-filled, gamebook series based on Steve Jackson's Sorcery, is now available for all android phones and tablets, and we have the link for a free download.

Lara Croft is back again in one of the most unique puzzle adventures ever. Lara Croft GO (2.1.7) takes players to a ruined civilization filled with deadly traps and dangerous creatures which they must survive as they solve the puzzles. Explore this new world and play to uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom!

Build and run your very own railway business in the unlimited gold money, and gems hack for Tiny Rails. The game lets you control your own train, filling it with passengers, trading for cargo, making cash, and making sure everyone is happy!

Enter a riddle-filled world beyond your wild imagination and try to rescue the Enchanter in this brain-teasing point and click adventure by Lone Wolf Games

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Enter the hitman universe once again and liquidate your targets using stealth and shooting skills. Hitman Go, hacked with hints and unlocks everything by the way, is the first original turn-based puzzle game from SQUARE ENIX Montreal. It delivers a unique grid-based gameplay not seen before, check out the video below or scroll down for the free download link!