Monday, November 21, 2016

Zombie City Defense 2 APK 1.2.3

Welcome to the next generation zombie defense game where tactics are your most important resource to survive. Zombie City Defense 2 puts you in control of Iron Corps, the last hope humanity has of survival. You will use your armies and strategic thinking to gather resources from all over the world, rescue survivors, and build fortified bases.

Deploy your units on the field, improve your base, invest abandoned building and fortify them to place your snipers, harvest old hospitals or call a bombing raid to destroy a bridge or even the whole block!

Enjoy all of these features and more only in Zombie City Defense 2:
- 15 completely different infantry squads (engineer, scout, soldier, grenadier, flamethrower…)
- 17 Vehicles and Turrets (from armored bulldozers to flame tanks and artillery)
- 9 General abilities (airstrike, ion cannon, groundbreaker, nukes..)
- 7 buildings improvements (from barricades and medbays to command terminals)
- 12 perks to customize your faction. You can play as pyromaniacs!
- 16 missions in the campaign (from huge cities to canyons and mountains)
- 15 different zombies (common, armored, invader, splitter, spawner…)
- Three difficulty levels + infinity mode
- etc

Google Play id: com.mozglabs.zcd2
Requires Android 4.1 and up

Zombie City Defense 2 1.2.3 APK

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