Monday, February 5, 2018

Plague Inc. MOD APK 1.15.3 (Full/Premium, Unlocked) 2018

Make and release the deadliest virus ever known and wipe out the world in this full version unlocked hack for Plague Inc. premium.

Strategically infect the world with any of the 12 different disease types available and beat the CDC and others who try to stop you. Release your plague upon earth and be responsible for human extinction. The are over 50 countries to infect, unlimited traits to evolve and endless world events to adapt to. Using's fully unlocked apk, you will definitely create the deadliest virus ever!

What's New in version 1.15.3 (Updated February 5, 2018)
New update v1.15.3 no ads
Plague Inc. Mutation 15 Discovered - The Mad Cow Disease Update
WARNING - Three new official scenarios break out in the latest Plague Inc. update!
Mad Cow Disease
Evolve a new variant and devastate global food chains!
Where Is Everyone?
Almost everybody in the world has mysteriously vanished!
Flight Club
Every country in the world now has an airport - how many air miles can you get?

Google Play id: com.miniclip.plagueinc
Required Android Varies with device

Plague Inc. 1.15.3 MOD APK (unlocked all cheats - unlimited dna, all genes, etc)

If you find any issues with this latest version, please install previous release below. I've kept the old version for anyone who still wanted it!
Note: If there is a Facebook login within game, Remove your Facebook app and login again ingame.

Older version:
Plague Inc. 1.13.2 MOD APK (Unlock/Purchase Everything Premium)


  1. Unfortunately, even though all genes *are* unlocked, the game won`t let me use any of them. Also, no unlimited DNA.


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