Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mr Jack Pocket APK 2.0.2

Adapted from the titular board game, Mr Jack Pocket for Android is a 2-player cat-and-mouse game where you play as Sherlock Holmes trying to catch the puzzling serial killer called Jack.

Each player endorses one role: Sherlock or Jack. Sherlock's goal is to clear every other investigator until there is only one left: the one Jack is impersonating. In order to achieve this, he will need to have line of sight over his fellow detectives; each night Jack will have to tell if he is currently visible or not, allowing Sherlock to eliminate suspects. On the opposing side, Jack's goal is only to delay the investigation until dawn, when he can escape. Each night, both players will be able to reshape the board in order to shed a dim light on the streets of the city, or to remain hidden in the shadows...

What's New in version 2.0.2
V2.0.2: Bug fixing
- Freeze in multiplayer mode on a same tablet corrected.
- Crash when playing against IA in a specific case (joker choosen first by IA)

Google Play id: com.meepletouch.mrjackpocket
Requires Android 4.0 and up

Mr Jack Pocket 2.0.2 APK

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