Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Couple Tracker - Phone monitor APK 1.73

Strengthen relationships and reduce the risk of infidelity thanks to Couple Tracker Pro's mutual monitoring and transparency features

This phone monitor is great for married/dating people of all ages, but is even better for thoses couples who's had infidelity/suspicion of infidelity issues.

The way Couple Tracker pro works is as so: both you and your partner must install the full version 1.66 apk, connect your accounts, and then everything including calls, text messages, Facebook messages, location, etc will be sent to the other party without the ability to delete anything.

What's New:
v1.73 - Improved design of dialogs & Updated language switcher & Different timezones support & Disconnection updates
v1.72 - Updated compile and target SDK & Migration from Eclipse to Android studio & permission checking

Google Play id: com.bettertomorrowapps.spyyourlove
Requires Android 2.3 and up

Couple Tracker 1.73 APK

Note: Analytics disabled, Location Map work

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