Saturday, October 15, 2016

YouTurbo APK 1.4

Join your favorite Youtube stars on hilariously crazy car rides in this fun side-scrolling advnenture. YouTurbo (full version) offers players a 1000 challenging levels with deadly obstacles, dangerous enemies and many exciting features.

YouTurbo was designed by and for youtubers. As you play, you get interactive in-game clips by awesome youtubers like elrubiusOMG, iTownGamePlay, and many others, which makes for an addictive gameplay experience.

Every youtuber you choose has his own adventure. The story, environments, enemies, cars, weapons, bosses... are all different. With each youtuber character you get 30 amazing gameplay levels, and 30 collectable items to unlock. On top of that, YouTurbo v1.4 features multiple minigames to play and win new weapons, vehicles and costumes.

Google Play id: com.heyougames.youturbo
This latest version requires Android 4.3 and up. It updated Quokker™, and added New Car Freshener fragance called Fresh Lime

YouTurbo 1.4 APK (paid)

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