Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Legend of the Skyfish APK 1.0.10

Use your fishing pole to defeat the Skyfish and free your brother in Legend of the Skyfish. Developed by Crescent Moon, this game is a unique Zelda-like top-down puzzle adventure, where you use your hookshot to pull things to you, or manipulate environments to solve puzzles and kill enemies.

The story in Legend of the Skyfish follows our young hero on his quest to save his home. It takes place among a collection of islands that are now ruled by the Skyfish, an evil creature awoken by greedy fisherman. This monster enslaved, drowned and mutated most of the town. It is your job, as the sole survivor, to destroy the Skyfish and save everyone.

Your sole weapon in this fight is a fishing pole. You have to use it in different ways like a grappling hook or a weapon. You need to "navigate over waterways, around floor traps and projectiles, through enemies, as well as solving puzzles such as flipping switches to open doors, and toppling bosses."

What's New in version 1.0.10
- Using the Back Button on the Map Screen leaves the game now;
- Improved gamepad controls, specially for navigation on some menus.

Google Play id: com.crescentmoongames.skyfish
This game requires Android 4.0 and up ~ 5.1
Watch this gameplay video by TouchGameplay:

Legend of the Skyfish 1.0.10 APK

Install Apk, move data folder to /Android/obb/ , and play.

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