Saturday, September 3, 2016

GPP Remote Viewer 2.1.0 APK

Control your pc from your android device, and manage your files and more easily and effectively. GPP Remote Viewer allows you to view and manage your files, control web camera, watch your android's screen on computer, plus more!

GPP Remote Viewer will automatically find your computer and choose the best way to connect to it. You can copy, delete, download and upload files and install Android apps from your PC in one click. You can watch screen on your PC, watch what happens to your home via WEBCAM, send messages and other... Perfect for parents monitoring their children’s computer usage, employers verifying employee activities, or business people. No network setup required. Setup is easy. - Google Play

In a nutshell, Here is what you get using GPP viewer 2.1.0:
- Live view
- Live control
- Webcam Live View
- Remote file manager
- Remote process control
- Send messages
- Power manager
- Media Control
- Remote Actions

GPP Remote Viewer v2.1.0 APK

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