Saturday, September 17, 2016

Final Fortress - Idle Survival MOD APK 2.74 (Unlimited Diamonds)

After the zombie apocalypse hit, the world now belongs to the undead. This unlimited diamonds hack for Final Fortress, which is a clicker game, lets you rebuild the human race starting with a small fortress. Gather survivors and build a community, grow food, generate power, upgrade resources, and survive!

Final Fortress - Idle Survival apk features:
- mod diamonds
- Level up your fortress and rooms and survivors. Find blueprints along the way to unlock extra special rooms.
- Keep Taping! You can even upgrade your finger.
- Rebuild over and over... The more survivors you have, the more gas you can make.
- Vehicle Upgrades.. to go further, find more survivors, and rebuild faster and stronger each time.
- Radioactive Y.O.L.O. Boost.
- Watch a video to double your Income, Power, and Production, for twenty seconds.
- Even in the aftermath you still get a door to door salesmen knocking at the fortress gates. Earn or buy a spin on the lucky wheel to win a gift.
• Kill the flying zombie!!
More info on Google Play id: com.alleylabs.finalfortress

Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
Watch Idle Survival gameplay:

New hacks:
- 999m gas
- 999m diamonds
- infinite spins

Final Fortress - Idle Survival 2.74 MOD APK

Remove playstore version, Install APK, Enjoy!


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