Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Overlive: Zombie Survival RPG APK 48

Explore the infected city, fight the undead, and survive by making the right decisions in Overlive (full version unlocked), a “choose your path” interactive story for android, developed by FireRabbit, with real time rpg battles.

Choose what to do each day and escape before your city is wiped out! Train skills, find gear, improve your home, explore the city, defeat your enemies, adopt pets, and make hundreds of tough life and death decisions with lots of consequence! - Google Play

Overlive Zombie Survival RPG features: (free download apk below)
- Survive by exploring 18 locations and finding one of 8 possible endings!
- 1000s of unique and professionally written events to encounter and even more tough decisions to make!
- Grow your character as you see fit! Train 9 different skills (melee, firearms, explosives, grappling, stealth, lockpicking, engineering, perception, computers) to overcome obstacles during exploration.
- You have a limited amount of time to escape your city before the nuclear plant goes into meltdown and destroys what remains of the city (including you)!
- Defeat zombies, bosses, and other threats in real-time combat with hand to hand weapons, firearms, and explosives!
- Find dozens of items to boost your abilities including new weapons and survival gear! Even your home can be upgraded!
- 24 diverse achievements are available to be unlocked in the Game Center!
- This FULL version has no ads or IAP - you get Overlive Zombie Survival unlocked with everything!!

What's New in version 4.8:
v4.8 - 2.5 year anniversary update! BIG thank you for all your wonderful reviews and emails :)
+ NEW: 20+ achievements to unlock!
+ NEW: Most art assets updated to 2-3x higher resolution!
+ NEW: New combat background art!
+ NEW: Skip-able intro!
+ NEW: Better fonts for text and buttons!
+ NEW: Better tutorials!
+ FIX: Melee/ranged sensitivity on newer devices
+ FIX: Typos + Game Center
+ FIX: Restored fires on city map

The game requires Android 2.3.3 and up

Overlive: Zombie Survival RPG 48 APK

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