Wednesday, August 24, 2016

iStudiez Pro APK 1.8.6 b166 (Student Planner for Android)

Manage your academic or school life and forge your path to success with iStudiez Pro for Android (free download below), the most popular student planner app on mobile devices.

Organization is key to everything, and with this app you will definitely watch your grades go up. iStudiez Pro helps students plan their day, week, and the whole year. It's a must for anyone in high school, college or university!

iStudiez Pro Student Planner apk features:
- Unique built-in planner lets you input and easy manage all types of schedules including classic, alternating (A & B weeks), and rotating and block schedule...
- Special section is dedicated to keep track of your homework and assignments. Whatever is the way you are used to manage your homework, you will find it all in iStudiez Pro.
- The main Today view (customizable) updates your current schedule in the real-time mode. You’ll see online classes, regular schedule, due assignments and even past classes if you need to practice some nostalgia.
- Integrate third-party calendar events 
- Grades and GPA option is based on assignments (support of weighted/non-weighted assignments) and exams, and GPA calculator is available both for current and past semesters. Support of most world used grading scales (letter grades, percent, points).- The iStudiez Pro version app is also available for iOS, OS X and Windows platforms and syncs its data between all its versions smoothly and free of charge.
Even more features on Google Play id: com.istudiezteam.istudiezpro
This app requires Android 4.1 and up

iStudiez Pro - Student Planner 1.8.6 APK (b166)

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