Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Alpha Game Booster for Android (AGB4Android)

The guys at Alphagamers.net have managed to create their very own hack tool for android games (free for download), and although it's still in its very early days, it doesn't disappoint!

You can use Alpha Game Booster for Android to hack games like Plague Inc, and MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY (see list below). Other games will be added with upcoming updates. However, it does need a rooted device for now, and we recommend you read all the following info before you install the apk (copied from AG website):

AGB is a centralized patcher framework that aims to deliver more flexible and secure hacking experience on mobile devices.


AGB4Android Features:
- Tablet optimized UI
- Securely retrieve cheat codes from the online database
- Runtime opcode modification
- Anti-detection techniques
- Built-in multipurpose anti-cheat bypass & sandboxing

- A rooted ARM / ARM64 / x86 / x86_64 / MIPS / MIPS64 device running Android 3.2.6+
- Internet connection

Known issues:
- Cloak hack does not bypass certain anti-cheats (WIP)
- Unity's opcode caching makes it impossible to toggle hacks in-game with Unity applications. AGB will only be able to hook when the patches are applied before the target functions are loaded.

To do:
- Improve cloak hack
- Implement TLS socket
- Beautifying
- Developer API
- Multiple arch / version support
- More syntax for developers

Assumptions & Limitations:
A few assumptions are made in order to reduce the complexity of development.
- API level 13 (Honeycomb 3.2.6) is the minimum required OS. Support is limited to API level 19 (KitKat 4.4) and up. Certain cosmetic features are limited to API level 21 (Lollipop 5.0) or higher.

Supported apps:
- Plague Inc. (unlimited DNA points)
- Asphalt 8: Airborne (unlimited nitro)
- MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY (to be added..!)
- Choices Stories You Play (can buy without currency - choices,cloth)
- MARVEL Avengers Academy (paid)
- MARVEL Contest of Champions (special attack always ready)
- HEROES WANTED (High Attack/Defense/HP - PVE only)
- DomiNations (unlimited resources)
- Modern Strike Online (no spread)
- Legendary: Game of Heroes
- The Blacklist: Conspiracy (speed up for free, can't lose stars, maybe can buy without currency)
- Vainglory (paid)
- Modern Combat 5: Blackout (paid)
- Pokémon GO (increase visible range)
- Ultimate Ninja Blazing (unlimited chakra)
- Tinker Island (earn gems when rushing things)
- Spider-Man Unlimited (to be added..!)
- plus more..

How to use AGB to hack games (Example: Plague, Inc)

Launch Alpha Game Booster and navigate to "Log in".
Input your forum username and click on "LOGIN".

How to register your HWID:
Open the app, click the sidebar menu, and select Device Info. Copy the HWID, go to this link and put in your HWID in the AGB HWID field (either 1 or 2). You may now log in through the app.
Make sure that the HWID from Alpha Game Booster matches the HWID entered in your profile.

1.1.0 (beta): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2t5K0yRqBgES2FtaVI4blg0V28
1.0.6: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/bDsYsnEN/file.html

Always reboot after updating.


  1. Not working. Forces close when you choose a game to patch.

  2. I keep getting login failed... I made my forum account and I added the HWID. Do I just have to wait?

  3. Nvm I managed to login all I had to do is wait. Btw the latest version is 1.0.5 here's the forum link:


  4. Where can I download this app?

    1. link is above, but Choices game developers patched the hack, so I'm still waiting for an update from the AGB team..

  5. Hey so I have the latest version of AGB, & I'm running into a problem of it saying the game is not running when I try to choose it through AGB. I do have the game running in the backround, & yes it is a game that has a hack for it through AGB

    If this helps along with answering my question;

    Samsung galaxy s6 is the phone I have
    Marshmallow is my OS

    I've tried posting my problem in the forums of alpha gamers but no response for weeks...

  6. DOESN'T work!! :(

    1. its doesn't work anymore u mean
      all our users hacked Choices with this one before, but with latest updates of the game we need a new version of the hack tool because developers patch the hacks with each new update

      waiting for the modder to update AGB, will post the latest udpate on here as soon as it's out

  7. What is the "chat log" I see people talking about on the abg site?

    Does it have something to do to make agb run?

  8. not work((( make mod APK file for demong hunter 2 1.2.9 your programm not work

  9. help me with choices, it show executing patch, but nothing happens in game, still they ask for diamonds

    1. seems like the devs patched the game once again

  10. What is the root?
    And how do i manage to pass that part?

    1. Rooting your Android device allows you to access system files.. thus these hack tools can do their magic!!
      you can't mod games without ROOT, all hacking tools available right now must have Root access to function!

      you must search Google for instructions on how to root your specific device (make and model) if you must do it!

      Rooting voids warranty by the way!

  11. Does anyone encounter this problem? When i choose to login from the side bar it just show the login screen for a second? I cannot even put the cursor the login screen immediately closes. What to do?

  12. Yea im getting that too @reekes nap and I have no idea what to do I guess we can't use it


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