Monday, July 25, 2016

Ultimate Shark Simulator APK 1.1

Become a real shark and hunt for food in Ultimate Shark Simulator by Gluten Free Games.

Choose from 7 playable sharks and become king of the oceans. This simulation is as real as it gets, so you'll need to maintain your health, hunger, oxygen, and energy while hunting.

You can't always be the predator, watch out for monstrous creatures that are out to get you. The tentacled beast and the prehistoric Megalodon of the deep seas can eat you!!

Ultimate Shark Simulator features many other things. You can breed baby sharks, build a pack, customize your character, level up, gain experience, stat and buff points, and much more.. see Google Play

Game requires Android 2.3 and up
Watch the gameplay trailer:

Ultimate Shark Simulator 1.1 APK

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